Why should you buy a lake home in Minnesota? Because it’s a lake home – and in Minnesota, no less!

But we suppose we could go into somewhat greater detail as to why a Minnesota lakehouse represents not only a great real estate investment, but also a massive life upgrade as well.


Lakefront Property in Minnesota Is a Superb Investment

It’s not always wise to approach every real estate purchase with an investor’s mentality, but a lake home in Minnesota really is a safe place to put your money. Nationwide, lakefront homes sell for about 25% more than homes which are landlocked but otherwise comparable. And the demand for lakeside property is steadily increasing, especially as Minnesota’s population grows larger.

And however much demand for lakeside real estate does increase, one thing cannot change: the number of lakes in Minnesota (14,380 lakes, to be specific, and despite what our state license plate says).


Owning a Lake Home Can Enhance Your Social Life

People will not like spending time with you solely because you own a lake home in Minnesota. That said, they certainly won’t count visiting you there among their least favorite aspects of your friendship. If you’d like to spend more time with your friends and family – time we all sorely missed during the rocky start to this decade – then you’ll always find plenty of company to enjoy when you can invite people over to your gorgeous lakehouse!


Lakeside Living Can Improve Your Health

People who live close to nature typically experience less stress while enjoying greater overall health. But that’s not the extent of a Minnesota lake home’s potential health benefits. People who live near water have decreased risks of premature death and obesity as well!

You can be rewarded with better health even if you would only spend vacations at your lake home. According to Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, the author of Blue Mind, spending short amounts of time by the water can reduce your stress, anxiety and heart rate. Lakefront life can even help you better manage an affliction such as anxiety disorder or post traumatic stress disorder.


There’s Always Something to Do by the Lake

Canoeing. Kayaking. Paddleboarding. Sailing. Swimming. Fishing. Hunting. Hiking. Leisurely strolling. Just sitting back and watching the sunset as it refracts against the crystal clear lake water. We won’t regale you with every fun thing you can do by the lake, simply because the list wouldn’t fit on the internet.

And don’t forget about all of the great things you can do throughout the rest of rural Minnesota! There are 95 county fairs held in our state every year. There are countless charming restaurants and coffee shops in quaint little towns, and fantastic sightseeing in every direction. These delightful distractions are all far more accessible when you live in a lake house as opposed to the suburbs of Minneapolis or Fargo.


You’ll Save Lots of Money on Vacations

The average cost of a one-week vacation is $1,558. That average is even higher for a family of four at $4,580. Now, we won’t be so unworldly as to insist that Minnesota offers every kind of vacation experience. You will never see the Eiffel Tower, the Great Barrier Reef or the Great Wall of China if you limit every vacation to within our state’s borders. But when you want to avoid the havoc that modern air travel has become and enjoy an easier time corralling small children, then a quick, casual and above all affordable excursion to the family lake home is precisely where it’s at.


You’ll Get to Work With Action Realty of Detroit Lakes

We’ll be modest: Working with our real estate company is arguably not the very best part of finding a lake home for sale in Minnesota. But whether you want a lakehouse, single family home, commercial property, hunting land or farmland, our team’s decades of combined experience and established ties to all of the Detroit Lakes area’s leading real estate professionals always guarantee the surest path forward.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can make your dream lake home a reality!